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The Worcester T.T. Run 2019. Report from Richard Caddick

Our first T.T. Run for Tiddlers and Three wheelers was held on Sunday 1st September and we were very lucky with the weather despite an overcast sky. Early arrivals at the Cob house were two girder fork bikes and we were soon to have four of them on this sedate run. Several under 250’s arrived and a sidecar outfit and two three wheelers. A number of bigger and more modern bikes had accepted our invitation for a sedate ride of 37 miles to the lunch stop in Tenbury making 16 vehicles and twenty people.

A leisurely coffee before we set out and then three groups set off for the 22miles up to Cleobury Mortimer and the coffee stop at the Larch Barn. As an example of how a group of mixed age and capacity bikes could ride comfortably together it was a pleasure to see. I led Bill, Merv and Richard Bullock on 80 and 90 year old Royal Enfields and a 175 Bantam with the Pembleton and we progressed steadily [particularly as I had left the handbrake on!!] until a steepish uphill hairpin [‘Our Gooseneck’}at Furnace Mill caught Bill out as he flourished a change-up instead of down and had to restart after a little kicking. A couple of the other party members missed the odd turning but all arrived safely at the Larch Barn.

A beautiful 1928 Scot belonging to Adrian Hodgkin had to retire here with a slipping clutch, our only breakdown. The party then broke into two about equally sized groups to come off the mountain section down to the Rose and Crown in Tenbury [Our Creg Na’ Ba ! ] A an easy 10 mile route for those with more delicate bikes or constitutions and a somewhat more challenging 15 mile route [mostly due to some very poor road maintenance] over Farlow common. We all arrived safely and 17 participants partook of a fine Sunday lunch. We awarded Bill Bubb and his 1928 Royal Enfield a ‘Hero of The Worcester TT trophy’ for his cheerful and enthusiastic contribution to the day. After lunch we took our time to return to the Cob House for a cup of tea and a natter over a little pudding for those still hungry!

Thank you to everyone who took part. I hope we can do it again next year, perhaps a Junior and Senior TT.

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